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Most people will agree that camping is a great way to relax, have fun, and get away from the crowded and busy cities they live in. For others, camping offers them the opportunity to strengthen their family relationships, get close to nature, refresh their minds, or even explore new worlds. There is an unlimited number of reasons people go camping, but for whatever reason, one thing is general to everyone including you. You definitely what your camping experience to be enjoyable and memorable. 

To achieve this, you need to make sure that throughout the entire camping period, you are as comfortable as you possibly can be. One of the things people never forget to pack while preparing to go camping is a hammock tarp. But packing just any hammock tarp would probably be as good as not packing any, so you want to make sure you are going camping with the best hammock tarp available.

This article will review some of the best hammock tarps you can currently find on the market as well share rating for each of them, providing you with every important information and hopefully this article will help you make the right conclusion as to the hammock tarp that will perfectly fit your needs and circumstance. But before you set out to purchase a hammock tarp, there are a few factors that require consideration.

The Shape Of The Hammock Tarp

There is a wide range of hammock tarps options to choose from in the market currently. These hammock tarps come in different shapes, so don’t be surprised if you find other shapes apart from the regular square and rectangular shapes you are probably familiar with. The best way to go about choosing the best hammock tarp that will satisfy your need is to choose a tarp based on the shape of your hammock. So, if your hammock is rectangular, then it means you should opt for a rectangular tarp as well.

Size Of The Hammock Tarp

Coverage is one of the main reasons why people buy tarps. Therefore, when deciding the best size of hammock tarp for you, think about how much coverage you will need. To determine how much coverage you will need, you need to consider certain factors such as the current season and possible weather conditions. You need to ask yourself questions such as would it rain or would there be sunshine all through? How cold would it probably get? Remember the primary function of a tarp is to provide you adequate coverage from different elements, so choosing a hammock tarp that won’t adequately perform that function will be as good as not getting a tarp.

Take your time to consider your needs and the conditions present where you are headed before choosing a hammock tarp as it will be disappointing and disastrous if you find out on the camping ground that your hammock tarp is as good as useless after spending your money, energy, and time into getting a tarp and transporting it to the camping location.

The Tarp Material

One thing you definitely wouldn’t want is to always have to buy a hammock tarp anytime you want to go camping, so you should think long-term as you choose a tarp. The longevity of a tarp is determined by the material the tarp is made with. Hammock tarps made with cotton are great as they can last for a very long time.

Also, keep in mind that it could rain while you’re camping and the material of your hammock tarp can determine how noisy it will get. Hammock tarps made with heavy materials tend to create a noisier atmosphere under the rain.

Weight Of The Hammock Tarp

When it comes to choosing a hammock tarp that will provide the best possible shelter, some people prefer full coverage. But in as much as you want maximum comfort and want to provide adequate protection from elements such as rain, you need to keep in mind certain factors as regards choosing a camping tarp.

Keep in mind that the more the coverage, the heavier the tarps would possibly become. So, you need to consider how much walking or climbing would possibly be done. The truth is, to fully enjoy a camping experience, a lot of walking is usually involved, and carrying a whole lot of weight will wear you easily which can end leaving you frustrated, tired, and unhappy throughout the camping period. Remember going camping comes with different challenges, one of which is finding a suitable location. It could hours upon hours of walking and even climbing just to find a decent location, and carrying a heavy hammock tarp can cause discomfort rather than the comfortability that is sorted out. Therefore, when considering the weight for the hammock tarp, keep in mind that the right weight is what you easily and comfortably carry in addition to other accessories and gear for a long-distance over a long period.

The fundamental decider of the weight of any hammock tarp is the material it is made with. The material of a tarp will determine how much space it will take and overall, how heavy it will be. Tarps made with nylon materials are usually the best when it comes to choosing a lightweight hammock tarp.   They don’t take up too much and most importantly they are not heavy. in fact, they are described as ultralight.

Your aim should be to make sure you choose a hammock tarp that is not heavy, one that you can easily carry for a long time over a long distance without getting exhausted. This is very important, as failure to make the right choice can result in you making several stops just to revive your energy, which in the long run can make your trip quite uncomfortable.

15 Best Hammock Tarps

1. ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters – ProFly Rain Tarp

Everyone is looking for a hammock tarp that will be effective when the weather goes south and at the same time wouldn’t be too heavy to move around it. The ENO ProFly Rain Tarp is made with Nylon which means it is lightweight and can be carried around. So, if your camping site is one that demands you walk or climb a long distance, this is for you. This tarp also provides wide coverage for your hammock as well as comfort, and with its awesome water-shedding ability, it is the perfect all-rounder as it is effective under almost any weather condition.

2. Wise Owl Outfitters Rain Fly Tarp – The WiseFly Premium

This tarp is made from ripstop nylon which makes it not only lightweight and easy to carry around, it also offers durability as well. Made from high-quality ripstop nylon material, this tarp is designed to hold its own against elements. Measuring 11ft by 9ft, this tarp surely will provide you with a decent coverage area while camping which adequate protection from sunlight, rain, and other elements. This tarp comes with a bag as it can as well serve multiple purposes. This is also one of those tarps that is quite easy to set up quickly without much stress which makes it great if you will be hiking a long distance to get to the camping site as you might be too uncomfortable dealing with a tarp not so easy to set up.

3. Hennessey Hammock – Hex Rain Fly – Rain Tarp

Hennessey hammock over the years has earned a great reputation in the industry as they have produced high-quality rain tarps in recent times. in fact, some of their tarps are some of the best ever rain tarps to grace the market. It is interesting to note that this rain tarp comes in a not so regular shape you’re probably familiar with as it is designed in a hexagonal shape. You don’t have to worry so much about its shape as it is built to be compatible with almost any type of hammock. This hammock tarp is not heavy, has a wide coverage, and it is very much pocket friendly.  Designed using a polyester ripstop material, it is not only lightweight but also very durable.

4. Chill Gorilla 10’ Hammock Rain Fly Tent Tarp

This tarp is unique and definitely different from most camping tarps you will find on the market. For its size, most of the tarps you will find out there will be so heavy and bulky that they will be a source of so much discomfort when transporting them to the camping site. But because this tarp is made of ripstop nylon, it is lightweight and not bulky as well as durable.  This is tarp will serve you in an environment, in any weather condition it is subjected to, and in any season. Apart from this tarp being double stitched, it also provides a wide coverage area enough to accommodate big sized hammocks, and the most interesting fact is, despite all these cool features, this tarp is pocket friendly.

5. SnugPak Proforce All Weather Shelter

Just as its name states, this hammock tarp is designed to provide protection in all kinds of weather conditions meaning either it’s winter or summer, this hammock tarp will protect you against elements. Designed so as to it can serve multiple purposes, you can choose to use this tarp as a thermal blanket, rainfly, pup tent, or even an emergency bivvy.

The snugpak proforce tarp is not heavy as it is made from nylon which makes it lightweight and easy to carry around. Despite being made from nylon, this tarp is actually very durable and can be used in almost any kind of environment. This tarp comes in a rhombus shape and is measured at 10ft x 10ft which means it offers a decent amount of coverage. With its waterproof feature, you wouldn’t need to worry much about leaving this one outdoors.

6. Bear Butt Rain Fly

Manufactured by bear butt a company known for producing some of the finest tarps tarps you can find on the market. If you don’t have so much experience with setting up tarps, you will easily set this up without going through much stress as it comes with what you need to set it up easily without taking much of your time. The coverage it provides is great as well as it large enough to cover a hammock that is measured at 11ft and some other accessories.

Easy to pack and carry around as it is lightweight, this rain fly is available in different nice colors giving you the freedom to have your favorite color around you even if you’re far away from civilization. The tarp also comes with light-reflective tarps meaning if you talk a walk in the dark, you can easily find your spot and this is also great in cases of emergency.

One of the amazing things about choosing this product manufactured by bear butt is that the company has offered to refund your money if you are not satisfied with it. What this simply means indirectly is that you would most likely be satisfied with this product because it is just like an indirect statement from the company stating that their rain fly is one of the best you can find in the market, and if you think otherwise, don’t worry you will get a refund.  

7. Ultimate Survival Base Hex Tarp

Looking for a hammock tarp that can serve multiple purposes? This is most likely what you’re looking for. Apart from performing its primary duty of serving as a hammock tarp, you can also use the ultimate survival base hex tarp as either a thermal blanket or as a ground cloth. This hammock tarp is great for almost any weather condition as it offers great protection when it rains and can also offer amazing protection from the sun.

This tarp also exhibits some as other cool features as the outer layer of the tarp is designed in a way that makes it easily identifiable in cases of emergency, while the inner layer is aluminized which makes it possible for this tarp to also possess thermal insulation. This tarp comes at an affordable price and you easily check amazon to learn more about this amazing product.

8. Everest Hammock Rain Fly

The Everest hammock rain fly is one of those tarps that are very easy to set up in a short amount of time and it offers a decent coverage area, as it can provide a coverage area of about 85 sq. ft.  This rain tarp is made of ripstop nylon which is great for durability as well being lightweight which will come in handy if you will be walking a long distance to get to your camping site.

One of the amazing features of this tarp is that it can provide protection against elements in different weather conditions. Serving as a perfect shade from the sun and keeping you dry even under harsh rainstorms. It is very easy to set up and compatible with all Everest hammock. It is indeed a perfect camping accessory.

9. Rolling Fox Tarp Shelter

This is one of those tarps that do not come in the regular shapes you’re most likely familiar with as it is designed to be a diamond-shaped tarp.  Being lightweight, this hammock tarp can be easily and comfortably transported to any camping location. Although this hammock tarp doesn’t provide a large coverage as other tarps reviewed in this article, it is very easy to set up and can provide protection against elements such as the sun as well as light showers.

10. Odoland Camping Tent Tarp

Here’s another ultralight tarp that can serve multiple purposes outdoors, from providing shelter when camping under the sun or the rain, you can also use the Odoland camping tent tarp for a simple outdoor picnic or on a when cruising on a boat. Designed with a waterproof coating, this one can stand the test of time.

This is a diamond-shaped tarp that can also serve as a tent, be used at the beach, or at outdoor functions. One of the great features of this tarp is that it offers protection against ultraviolet rays, so if you’re a person that takes protecting yourself from sun rays seriously, then this may be the best option for you. It is also interesting to know that this is one of the lightest tarps on the market as it is made from an embossed polyester material that sheds water quickly as it is water-resistant.

11. Aqua Quest Tarp

This is a versatile tarp that was designed with the mindset of it serving multiple purposes. This is a tarp that can offer you protection in any kind of weather condition – even in the harshest of conditions, the Aqua quest tarp has got you covered. This tarp can easily fit in a backpack as it doesn’t take too much space and is also not so heavy because it isn’t bulky.

The Aqua quest tarp is also one of the most durable tarps on the market as it is made from ripstop nylon that boasts of a hydrostatic resistance of 20,000mm. it is waterproof and has stitches that are heat resistant. Also, great as It is not so difficult to set up this tarp in any environment.

12. Ultimate Survival Technologies Base Tube Tarp 1.0

Everyone looks forward to having that feeling that comes with getting value for money spent. This is the feeling that comes with owning this hammock tarp as it is durable, comfortable, and also possess multi-purpose features.  With this hammock tarp, be reassured of protection under any kind of weather condition. Apart from the comfortability that this hammock tarp provides and being lightweight meaning, it can be easily moved around, this tarp can also serve other multiple purposes such as being used as a sleeping tent.

13. OAV Brand 40D RipStop Nylon Waterproof Tarp

This tarp is made from a ripstop nylon waterproof material that offers great protection from elements and at the same time is not bulky. This is great news for you if your camping site is one that will require you to walk over a long distance.  This is also very durable as it is tear and puncture-resistant, which means you can use this tarp in virtually almost any environment, under almost any weather condition.

If you’re the type that pays attention to aesthetics, then this may be great for you as it comes in a very appealing color. Setting up this one at the camping site or any outdoor space wouldn’t stress you one bit as it is easy to set up.

14. Foxelli Rain Tarp

The Foxelli rain tarp can easily pass as the best rain tarp on the market, as it is made from a ripstop water-resistant material. Lightweight in nature, this rain tarp will be easy for you to carry around on your camping trip. The rain tarp not only provides protection during rain, but it is also great in other weather conditions as well. With double stitching in certain areas, this makes the tarp very durable and wouldn’t let you down. It is easy to set up and can provide adequate coverage for any hammock or even any tent. With the option to be used for multiple purposes, this tarp is a great choice as you use it for your outdoor kitchen, on the beach, or for picnics.

15. Kelty Noah’s Tarp

This is one rain tarp that offers more protection than most rain tarps you can find on the market. It is lightweight which great if you would be hiking long distances. This tarp is durable and will offer protection in different weather conditions. From heavy rains and against harsh snowstorms, this tarp will provide the necessary protection you need. This tarp is great for outdoor spaces and comes with two different size options.

For a pocket-friendly product, this tarp is very useful and reliable. And its ability to be useful in any circumstances is impressive as you can quickly set it up if you just need to protect yourself from the sun or just want to have a nice picnic with friends.

Concluding Thoughts

No doubt, not every individual will share the same needs, as needs vary. But one thing is certain, you definitely want to get value for your money which means going for the best quality tarps that will offer you adequate protection from elements when out camping.  The tarps listed above have been carefully reviewed just for you, so you can enjoy your camping experience. Therefore, take your time to weigh the pros and cons to make sure it fits into your needs, and of course, they all come at an affordable price.