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Top Hammock Bug Nets – A Thorough Review and Buying Guide

During warmer months, Most of us tend to find a perfect spot to rest our minds and relax our bodies. We don’t want these happy thoughts ruined by the “bzz” sounds of a bug or mosquito. That’s why it would be a great idea to invest in the top hammock bug net on the market.

One of the most important things a person who loves outdoor activities is a hammock. This will protect him from the annoying insect bites. One may consider using some bug repellant lotions or spray to protect their skin from possible bug bites. If you are sensitive to these products, there is a good option – use a hammock bug net.

Using a hammock bug net is an effective way you can do to protect yourself against the harmful bites of the insects that surround you. Considering the wide market these days, you might find it hard to find the best hammock bug net that suits you. To help you out, we have prepared a list of the top hammock bug nets you may consider. Aside from that, we also include the things you need to consider before you head to the market to buy your own bug net.

So, if you are ready to learn more, keep reading!

Important Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Top Hammock Bug Nets

Buying the right hammocks require a thorough research. Take note that each of them has a different size, features, and materials used for construction. The following are some of the things you need to be taken into consideration when purchasing a mosquito net good for camping.

Built-in Standalone or Mosquito Net

You can see two different types of mosquito net available on the market today. Bug nets are available with a built-in hammock and the separated ones. You may consider the built-in hammock type if you are fond of camping, and there are lots of mosquitoes around. This version protects you from insect bites with the help of the hammock fabric. On the other hand, the stand-alone hammock version covers the part where the hammock is attached to prevent the mosquitoes from coming inside. But this type of hammock requires more time to get installed.

Non-Treated vs. Treated

Some hammocks feature pre-treatment that are human-friendly but bugs-deadly. Treated nets are quite expensive compared to the non-treated ones. But this is more effective when it comes to keeping the bugs away from your place. If you are on a tight budget, consider purchasing the non-treated hammock, purchasing a separate solution, and treating it with yourself.


As mentioned earlier, different nets have different strength and weight. In this case, we recommend you to purchase heavier nets to ensure longevity and durability. Aside from that, it is way more resistant to possible wear-and-tear situations. On the other hand, lightweight hammocks can be worn out easily. But if you are a hiking enthusiast, we recommend you to opt for a lightweight bug net to reduce the overall backpack weight.

Types of Netting Material

When it comes to picking the right hammock bug net, it is important to know the average size of the native bug in your place. Keep in mind that hammocks have unique sizes. Consider purchasing a tiny-holed hammock to ensure that tiny bugs won’t get in. If you are dealing with no-see-ums insects, choose a hammock with finer mesh.

On the other hand, if you are dealing with large-sized flies and mosquitoes, it would be great to opt for a large-meshed hammock. Larger mesh enables you to enjoy the beauty of your area while the fine mesh blocks your view.

Ease of Setup

Another thing to consider is the hammock’s ease of setup. Opt for a bug net that is not hard to install. But in some cases, other hammocks have an intricate setup process. In this case, look for a hammock bug net that has a higher rating from real customers because of being easy and fast to setup.

Top Mosquito Nets

Wecamture Bug Net


  • It is made from light but quality materials which can accommodate heavy usage
  • Its netting is strong and durable enough to protect you against bug bites
  • It is easy to install
  • It is lightweight and compact, which enables you to store it in your backpack with ease
  • Compared to other hammock brands, this one features two zippers, which made it easier and more convenient to use.


  • Some of its users have problems with its zippers. If this happens to you, consider calling the seller as the manufacturer offers a generous warranty.


This hammock bug net model has a more extended coverage, which effectively protects you against pests and insect bites. With this bug net, you can enjoy your weekend camping without worrying about the sticky bug repellant lotion on your skin.

Wecamture Bug Net is made from the finest mesh, which keeps even the tiniest pests outside. This has a wide and long coverage that protects your whole body against the horror of bug bites.

If you are a true wanderer, consider purchasing this model to have a peace of mind. It is lightweight because of the light materials used for construction, which made it ideal for hikers and backpackers. You can store and care for it easily without any hassle.

Chill Gorilla Bug Net


  • It is made from quality materials that can cater to heavy usage
  • It is lightweight, which is ideal for backpacking and hiking
  • It is large enough and gives you additional space. That’s why we recommend this to the claustrophobic individuals
  • Easy drying
  • The installation process is pretty simple


  • It features vertical zippers, which most users find it hard to use. Also, getting inside the net takes time.


The next on our list is the Chill Gorilla Bug Net. It provides you with 360-degree coverage, protecting your whole body against bugs and other insect bites. In addition to that, it keeps your personal space bug-free.

If you are a certified hiker and backpacker, this is a great hammock for you. You can easily mount it anywhere. Not only that, but it is also lightweight, which gives you hassle-free longer trips.

The Chill Gorilla Bug Net is versatile enough to give you the protection you need. Though it is made from think materials, you don’t have to worry about the possible insect bites because it is strong enough to protect you against this threat.

You can install it in a few minutes without experiencing any problem. It features strong zippers, enabling you to have a more comfortable and relaxing rest in your net.


Hammock Bug Net by Legit Camping


  • It only takes a few seconds to install this bug net
  • It offers you a relaxing rest during the warmer season because of its excellent airflow and ventilation
  • Its netting keeps the pests and insects out from your area
  • It is made from strong and durable materials


  • It is large and quite heavy, which makes it ideal for home use.


One of the good things about Hammock Bug Net by Legit Camping is that it keeps the crawling and flying pests away from your area. It offers you full-body protection, so each part of your body is protected against insect bites.

Its netting is made from fine mesh, which is tiny enough to get yourself protected against mosquitoes, no-see-ums, and flies. You can have a more relaxing and comfortable hammock time without the need to spray or apply bug repellant spray o lotions.

Installing the bug net only takes a few seconds. It features a zipper, enabling you to get inside easily after hanging. It is wide enough to prevent yourself from having a cramped space, making you feel more comfortable and relax.

This is one of the few bug nets that is compatible to different types of hammocks. Despite the hammock’s size and brand, this item is enough to provide you with enough protection against crawling and flying insects.


Bear Butt Hammock Bug Net


  • It is made from high-quality materials and craftsmanship, which ensures that it is resistant to tear.
  • You only need more or less five minutes to install this bug net
  • Its fine mesh netting keeps the bugs outside
  • Easy to carry and store and very lightweight


  • During the warm season, the materials used for the bug net’s construction does not allow proper airflow


The Bear Butt Hammock Bug Net provides you with 100 percent protection against buzzing flies and mosquitoes. This is large and wide enough, which made it ideal for outdoor uses. Its netting is made from 100 percent polyester, which is enough heavyweight and more frequent uses. It is made from strong and durable materials, which will keep you protected anytime.

We recommend this for most users because of its ease of setup compared to other models. In addition to that, it won’t make you feel cramped because of its wider space that covers and protects your whole body.

Its fine mesh netting will keep you protected against the biggest to tiniest pests and insects. In this case, you can have a relaxing moment with peace of mind without worrying about the itchy and annoying bug bites.

 It features diagonal zippers, enabling you to get in and out of the hammock fuss and hassle-free.


Unigear Hammock Bug Net


  • Easy to install
  • Its netting is made from durable materials that are enough to resist snags and tears
  • Its double-sided zippers enable you to enter and exit the hammock with ease and convenience
  • It has wide space, which is enough to handle two individuals


  • It would be great if it features an interior pocket for additional storage


Make your outdoor activities more enjoyable and free from bugs and insects with the help of Unigear Hammock Bug Net. This bug net is made from 100 percent polyester, which is light enough for easy storing and carrying.

If you are a certified backpacker or hiker, then you may consider this one. Its total weight is 600 grams, which is light to carry it around anywhere. This bug net is made from quality materials that require three steps only to install. If you have a single or double hammock, consider this Unigear hammock bug net.

You can perform your “me-time habits” such as reading or simply resting without thinking about the possible insect bites. When you have this bug net, you don’t need to apply any bug repellant lotion, which could make you feel sticky. It is wide enough, which can handle two individuals who can still move around freely.

 Additionally, this item features double sides zippers enabling you to enter and exit the place


Hammock Mosquito Net From the Outdoors Way


  • Its producer has one of the top customer services we ever reviewed
  • The bug net offers additional space giving you a wider room and a better comfort level
  • It is inexpensive
  • It is made from durable and flexible materials, which make it compatible to work with different types of hammock
  • Installation only takes a couple of minutes to complete


  • We did not feel the presence of the ridgelines included in the package.


When you have the Hammock Mosquito Net from The Outdoors Way, you don’t need to worry about the outside bugs and pests biting your sensitive skin. You can set it up with yourself easily and conveniently.

This bug net is compact and lightweight, perfect for backpackers and hikers who want to use a hammock during their rest time. Its materials are designed to keep the entire crawling and flying bugs and insects, whether big or small, outside of your comfort place.


Nature’s Hangout Hammock Bug and Mosquito Net


  • Its materials are durable and strong, which can hold the frequent wear-and-tear situation
  • We recommend this for hikers and backpackers out there because of its high-quality performance and construction
  • Keep the annoying and itchy bugs and mosquitoes outside
  • It can be used as your bed and have a good night sleep free from insect bites
  • You can set it up within five minutes


  • We did not find any complaints about this product


Are you looking for a hammocking experience that provides more relaxation and peace of mind? Look no further because Nature’s Hangout Hammock Bug and Mosquito Net is finally here! This is one of the most effective bug nets that will keep away flying and crawling insects from your skin.

Most of the users of bug nets are complaining about the zipper’s quality. Well, it is not a problem with this bug net. Its zipper is durable and wide enough, giving you ample space for a convenient entrance and exit.

Just like the aforementioned bug nets above, this one also provides a full-body coverage and prevents the flies, mosquitoes, and bugs from touching your body. When you have this item, you don’t need to suffer from a sticky feeling caused by the bug-repellant lotions.


SnugNet by Wise Owl Outfitters


  • It offers an excellent airflow
  • It is easy to install
  • Easy getting in and out
  • It can cater up to two individuals
  • It prevents the bugs outside


  • It is quite heavier than expected


If you are currently experiencing bug problems in your every camping trip, then it’s time to invest your money in the SnugNet by Wise Owl Outfitters. With its netting covering your whole body, you can have a relaxing rest without getting bitten by the creeping and scary flies and mosquitoes.

This is a perfect item to use even during the warmer season because it provides good ventilation. Its netting is made from fine mesh material, enabling the air to flow inside while protecting the owner against the flying bugs’ threats.

When it comes to its zippers, it has one of the best. Its zippers are double-sided and durable, which you can unzip with ease. This means a hassle-free entering and exiting the bug net.

 According to its manufacturer, it can 100 percent protect you against the bugs outside. Yes, it’s true! So, if you are looking for one of the best bug nets in the market, this could be your perfect choice


Final Thoughts

We know how daunting it is to find the best bug net hammock that will suit your needs and requirements. Hammocks are a good invention these days, giving you a more relaxing rest. Consider the best hammocks we mentioned above, and you’ll see the magic.